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Our Services on IUCLIDs and Poison Center Notifications

Vali offers following IUCLID services:

  • preparation of all relevant dossier parts in IUCLID format

  • transfer of existing dossiers into IUCLID format

  • stand alone study summaries

  • general support on IUCLID topics like

        - creation of a data set

        - creation of endpoint record summary

        - flagging of information (e.g.confidential business information)

        - inclusion of waivers

        - upload of documents

        - creation and export of dossiers

        - general application issues

        - submission via ECHA submission portal

        - user management

  • ad-hoc support to clarify specific questions by email or per video calls with shared screens on pre-defined days

  • Poison Center Notifications (PCN) via ECHA Submission Portal


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Key Account Manager for Business Development at Vali is looking forward to receiving your email.

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