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Our Services on Biopesticides

  • European registration following the guidance documents: 

    • SANCO/12545/2014 rev 2 (Microbials)

    • SANCO/12815/2014 rev 5.2 (Semiochemicals)

    • SANCO/11470/2012 rev 8 (Botanicals (plant extract))

  • Support for development of new biopesticides, targeted microbial pooling together with our partner institutes

  • Data Gap Analysis, Preliminary Risk Assessments & Development of Regulatory Strategy = Project Plan

  • Dossier preparation active substance (MCA + MCP)

  • Dossier preparation for national registrations (dRR) including Biological Assessment Dossier

  • National applications according to marketing requirements in EU countries

  • Meetings with authorities, contract institutes and clients, dossier defense activities

  • Scientific support, literature research

  • Study monitoring

Vali is member of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA) Germany and Spain.

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