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Our Services on Biostimulants

For the registration of your Biostimulant Product under the European Fertilizer Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 and/or national guidance, we support you with the following services:

  • Defining the Regulatory Strategy including Data Gap Analysis & Preliminary Risk Assessments

  • European registration following the new Fertilizer Act of July 2019, CE Labelling

  • National applications according to marketing requirements in EU countries

  • Meetings with authorities, contract institutes and clients

  • Product claim check

  • Scientific support

  • Study monitoring

Vali is co-founder and main contact of KISAR BIOSOLUTIONS - New Frontier in Plant Protection and Plant Nutrition

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Kerstin Schrade

Managing Director at Vali and contact for KISAR BIOSOLUTIONS is looking forward to receiving your email.

Dr. Frédéric Brunner

Regulatory Affairs Manager for

Biostimulants at Vali is looking forward

to receiving your email.

For further information, please visit KISAR BIOSOLUTIONS Website.

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